Saltburn Pier

You can't have a seaside resort without a pier. Financed by the Saltburn-by-the-Sea Pier Company, work began on Saltburn pier in Jan. 1868 and finished in May the following year. It was 1500 feet long and 20 feet wide. The pier was popular and soon improved by adding a pierhead so that steamers could collect passengers for Scarborough and Bridlington. In 1873 a saloon was added to the head of the pier, and gas lighting along its length.

Disaster happened in 1875 when stormy seas destroyed the pierhead. Financial difficulties beset the Pier Company and they were bought out by The Owners of the Middlesbrough Estates in 1879. They extended the damaged pier to 1,250 feet and erected shelters around the sides and sea end of the pierhead to protect promenaders from the bracing sea breezes. In the centre of the pier band concerts were held and on summer evenings the pier was illuminated by electric lamps.

Yet again disaster struck.In 1924 the pier was breached by a trading vessel, the Ovenbeg, after she had been ship wrecked on Saltburn beach. The pierhead stood alone until the 1930's when it was reconnected to the main pier and a small theatre was then added.

In 1938 the Council bought the pier, but it had to be chopped in two again during wartime to prevent the possibility of Germans landing there.

It was repaired again in the 1950's but damaged by storms in 1953 and, more seriously, in 1974. A small pierhead was built on the remains of the pier and entrance became free.

Today there is an amusement arcade at the pier entance, including a small (very small) bowling alley. Fishing is a popular sport along the pier and people still love to promenade and enjoy the stunning views of Huntcliff, distant Hartlepool, and turn to admire the cliff lift in action behind them. Several times, during Saltburn's Heritage Celebrations (which used to be called Victorian Week) fireworks and laser light shows set to music have been centred on the pier, and the Victorian concert has been revived as "The End of the Pier Show".

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