Anne Fencott



For most of my career I have been a professional librarian, working in academic and public libraries, mainly as a cataloguer but also as a subject librarian (psychology and social work) and as a deputy college librarian.

Between 2001 and 2014 I was a professional indexer, accredited by the Society of Indexers.

My indexing experiences were mainly in the fields of economics, education, health studies, management, psychology, social research methods, social sciences and social work.

Types of material indexed were: academic texts, reports, self-help books, study guides and subject encyclopaedias/dictionaries.
A selection of titles I have indexed

Publishers I have worked for included: Edward Elgar, Jessica Kingsley, Learning Matters, Reflect, Sage, and Whiting & Birch.

I retired from indexing in 2014 but still occasionally meet up with other members and ex-members of the Society of Indexers' Northern Group.