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                    Hugh II: The Istictiv


Hugh II: the Istictiv is an operh project, my intended spelling, a sound-poetry operh which lay, largely forgotten by me, in a filing cabinet for over 30 years. The General Libretto was finally first published in 2016 by Argotist eBooks, see right ...

The diagram above shows the various components of the operh that I intended to form part of the whole project. Only the full score and the major score do not exist. All other elements in the diagram have been found in the same folder in the already mentioned filing cabinet. I have no idea what I thought either the full score or the major score might consist of: though it is possible the various treated recordings of Vaughan Williams' opera Hugh the Drover, used as backing tapes in performance in the early 1980s, might have had a role to play here.

More information can be found in both the Prepreface and the Preface to The General Libretto as published by Argotist Online.


Hugh II, The Istictiv  

The General Libretto
Originally published online by Argotist Ebooks but now available HERE.

Hugh II: A Partial Libretto
a sound poetry 'score' to support the general libretto

Structure plan
for A Partial Libretto<

First ever recording of Preludic Underture from A Partial Libretto here soon.

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