A Summer's Day in 1976?
A hot summer day in 1976: I think! If you can be more specific about year and date let me know. A day out in Ingatestone in Essex to visit Henri Chopin who was putting on food, drink, and an afternoon of sound poetry. Does anyone know who else was there? The photos below are people who were regulars at Bob Cobbing's Poetry Workshop, then resident at the National Poetry Centre in Earls Court, London.

This is where Henri Chopin was then living. It is called The Gate House and is in Station Lane, Ingatestone, Essex. I believe the main house was unoccupied when Henri and his family lived here. I seem to remember being shown round the ground floor (see photos in the school link below). It is possible that Henri was renting the smaller house in the right of the photo above: please correct me if I'm wrong.

The sound poetry, recorded pieces and live performances, took place in an outbuilding to the right.

Left to right: Jeremy Adler, Lawrence Upton, Clive (PC) Fencott, Bob Cobbing, Sean O'Huigin and Herb Burke.

And below; Bob as I'd like to remember him: looking fit, a mischievous twinkle in this eye.

Left to right: Sean O'Huigin, Anne Fencott, Bob Cobbing, Lawrence Upton, Herb Burke (behind) and Jeremy Adler.Behind Jeremy Adler is someone I can't make out. To the right of Jeremy with his back to the camera could be Gilbert Adair.

Left to right: Clive Fencott, Lawrence Upton (front) and Sean O'Huigin.

Is the woman in the red dress Henri's wife? Otherwise we have Herb Burke (left) and Lawrence Upton.

I believe there were about 20 people present. If you were there or know someone who was please let me know and I'll update this page

The house was a private school for a most of the first half of the 20th century: more photos if you follow the link.

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