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Anne Fencott, Parkin: a cake to remember

pdf version

A book inspired by my Mum, Ivy Whitely and her home baking skills.

A family favourite was parkin (a type of ginger cake or gingerbread). Traditionally this is made with oatmeal and black treacle but my Mum's recipes included neither of these.

In searching for the origins of my Mum's version of parkin I dip into the history and regional variations of this delicious cake and also provide a glimpse into my Mum's life.


Clive Fencott, The ieBook: in other words

Books aren't only paper, they can be digital, many forms of digital, they can be ... and they don't have to be designed to be just read beginning to end, they can be ...

This book is about the possibilities of what books can be and is an example of some of these possibilities.

Desktop/laptop version

(Reads OK on a tablet in landscape. Fully mobile version in development.)


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