Bob and Clive's North American Tour 1982

Last updated 27th November 2017; and still in the process of ... If you have any memories of this tour please email me - - it would be great to hear from you.

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November 2017 and an extended interview with Clive on this North American tour, with sound poetry performance interludes and more published by Hipoglote, 65 & 66

Some time in 1981 Bob Cobbing and I began to plan a tour of North America. We'd both been there before for the 11th and 12th International Sound Poetry Festivals in Toronto and New York respectively. On those occasions we'd travelled and performed separately.

Lately we'd been doing a lot of gigs together on the burgeoning alternative cabaret scene in London and such like. Bob felt like a really big adventure. So we started writing letters to people we knew in North America and finding out the price of flights across the Atlantic and getting hold of Amtrak and Rail Canada timetables and built up a schedule and a budget and eventually ...

London to ...

Tuesday 23rd February 1982, left Heathrow 12.50am by British Airways and

arrived 17.00pm the same day in ...


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