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                     **** 12th International Sound Poetry Festival (1980), boxed set, texts, recordings ... ****
                                          See 'His Dexter Daylight Utterly Darkened' below for more on my contribution ...
  The ieBook

In Other Words


An experimental live electronic sound poetry project from the 1980s
Hugh II, The Istictiv
a text-sound operh project
His Dexter Daylight
Utterly Darkened

Restringing a Rotary Clothes Line

28 Critical Reflections

Schläfli {5,3} Arduino Bluebird
online interactive ...

Bill Griffiths' The Horseshoe Falls (Niagara)

Gritty Reality
What happens when the games industry wins everything?    Techno-mind-games set in the collective imagination of ...    Read ... Download
Pakari : the cave of refuge
What has a text adventure set in the Inca empire got to do with the Gritty Reality of the games industry?               Playeread here
                                                              Cargo Cult For that perfect present ...

          My DJ debut: sound poetry recordings from 70s and 80s Hipoglote, 133                       
        The 200th and final Hipoglote    with a bit of me                                             
                                             Extended interview on sound poetry performance, N American tours Hipoglote, 65 & 66


        Videos +
The Other Room, videos, including Restringing a Rotary Clothes Line        Also,   video clip of Paradiddle Rox at the Colour Out Of Space 2011 festival ...    and        a review of the whole festival including my set at WORDSANDMUSIC [scroll down to find me]

Photos +       Ingatestone 1976?       
Photopoetry exhibition 1978
Bob Cobbing & Clive, North America 1982    



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