Pakari: the cave of refuge

Clive Fencott

An interactive fiction, a text adventure, set in the myths, legends and gritty everyday lives of the Incas.

The picture shows a woven detail of multiple instances of the Inca chakana representing the three levels of existence: the lower level of the underworld and its spirits, the middle level of the world of humans, and the upper level of the gods. The hole in the centre of each chakana represents the conduit through which those who have the power may travel between levels; and, maybe, between worlds, with each chakana representing a separate world.

You can download a beta version of 'Pakari: the cave of refuge' here.

But as it is a beta version please email me with any comments, problems etc.

You'll need to unzip the file. You'll also need a TADS 3 (Text Adventure Design System) interpreter for your system. Interpreters are free and available for most systems. Those known to work for Pakari are:

  • Player Kit for Windows. This is the full HTML TADS interpreter, which can play TADS 3 games.
  • Spatterlight is a multi-system interpreter for Mac OS.
    Spatterlight runs TADS 3 games in text-only mode, which is fine for Pakari.

Visit for more information on these and other TADS 3 Interpreters including those for Unix and Linux. Following this link you will also find details of TADS 3 compilers and other materials to help you author your own text adventures.

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